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It is time to expand your knowledge and to improve your skills so that you can be an even better garage door owner. Take advantage of the thorough and useful tips provided here. They are based on topics which are of great interest to all of our customers.

Look into the safety features when getting a new opener

The device must come with a safety reversal mechanism in line with the UL 325 standard. Our specialists say that it must have safety sensors as well. It is best if the unit has an automatic shut-off function which prevents it from operating when there is a serious problem with a major component of the overhead door system.

Get a broken glass panel replaced immediately

Even though glass garage doors are beautiful and have good weather-resistance, their panels are at greater risk of breaking due to severe impact. When this happens, the panel must be replaced straight away for safety and security purposes. You should not operate the door until it is fully repaired to avoid an accident.

Buy a belt drive opener for the less noise

Not every garage door opener is loud. The one that makes the least amount of noise is the belt drive opener. This type of opener is the quietest out of all three. Some feel the higher price is worth it.

Effective maintenance involves thorough inspection and troubleshooting

Your garage doors need to be cared for to work reliably for a long period of time. Maintenance is more than just about cleaning off dirt and grime on its parts or lubricating the hardware. It also involves inspection of the moving parts, including the garage door rollers, and performing required repairs that will make them operate smoothly.

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