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We would like to help you get the answers to all your common garage door concerns. This is why we have made sure to provide a list of all the questions most frequently asked by most of our clients. You don’t have to go elsewhere as you will find the most talked about garage door issues here.

What is the solution to sagging door chains?

If the chains connecting the door opener to the door panel sag, our garage door repair specialists say that adjustments will be necessary. The chains may have to be cut to achieve the optimum length. However, if the chains sag because of temperature-induced contractions or expansions, the solution is to move the opener trolley guide tube or rail.

Why are screw drive garage door openers considered superior?

Screw drive garage door openers are not necessarily better than chain drive ones but many give preference to them mainly because of two reasons. One of these reasons is the fact that they are less noisy to operate. The other reason is the lack of the chain that tends to sag over time, and require adjustment.

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