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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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The Noise is Gone

I did not know what the main issue was, but my garage door was operating noisily. It was not like this before so I knew that something was wrong. The experts from Garage Door Repair Otsego arrived on time and were really nice so I felt comfortable asking questions about my door, and they happily answered. They were able to detect the cause of the problem and proceeded immediately to fix it. They explained to me what happened and what they did to resolve the issue. My door is working fine now and that irritating noise is gone. I am extremely happy with the service that I received.

Highly Recommended Garage Door Service

We have been loyal customers of Garage Door Repair Otsego since they always delivered quality service each time we called. From installation to repair and maintenance, they are always our go to company. We just had the regular maintenance of our garage door and good thing the technician spotted the cable that was about to break. It was replaced immediately and everything is on top condition. The door is working smoothly and quietly, and we owe that to their dedicated service. We would keep using their service and we would definitely recommend them to everyone.

Getting a Good Spring Replacement

I'm not particularly a "hands on" type of guy at home, except when it's all about computers. So, it came as no surprise to me that my springs snapped and my cables were already frayed. I called this company up when I finally noticed that the torsion spring just above the garage door was broken in two. The technician knew what I was talking about and we set up an appointment. He arrived with the replacement spring and proceeded to set it up. He also checked up some other parts and found frayed cables. He replaced those too. I was very satisfied with the level of professional service he provided.

- John Daniels

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